Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Ugly Truth in Iraq

It's perplexing, some might even say beyond belief, how some members in Congress remain so disconnected from the ugly reality of the war in Iraq. Fearful members of Congress have argued that approving a resolution, even a non-binding one, opposing the president's latest plan will "send the wrong message that America is divided on the war." Even though we obviously are divided on Iraq.

A CBS poll says:

A new CBS News poll shows that while most Americans (63 percent) are opposed to sending more troops to Iraq, they are evenly split over whether Congress should pass a nonbinding resolution against the president's plan: 44 percent said they'd like to see it passed, 45 percent are against it."

Any conversation in America today - perhaps at the workplace, among friends or on the internet - which brings attention to the war clearly shows one vivid aspect: the population is divided on this war. So debating the status of the current policies and the decisions to be made from now on has already been endorsed by voters - that was made clear in the November 2006 elections.

And today a letter from conservative leaders John Shadegg (R- AZ) and Peter Hoekstra (R-MI) seems to privately affirm that debate itself highlights the real lack of progress and success in Iraq:

"If we let the Democrats force us into a debate on the surge or the current situation in Iraq, we lose."

Also of note is this question in the letter:

"Join us in asking our Democratic colleauges the essential question: If we do not defeat radical Islam in Iraq, then where will we do so?"

That question is truly central to the conflicts in the middle east, so perhaps debate next needs to shift to how we join in and win a religious war, since that is at the heart of the civil warfare in Iraq.


  1. james2:29 AM

    I have a hard time one way or the other on the warOn one hand we are already there,but like Vietnam the politicians are tieing the militarys hands.The military should be allowed to do their job and that job is destroy the enemy.Yes,I can already hear the hue and cry about civilian casualties and damage,but,remember this is WAR! There are many who would like to see us fail over there.I don't know if democracy can be spread over there,a few thousand years of tribal fighting seems to say no.There are many who would like to imitate the west but I believe the majority might as well be in the middle ages and the religious fanatics would like to keep it that way The fanatics hate us in ways we barely understand.They see us as degenerates,with rampant drug use,people openly gay,rampant sex and porn our hollywood stars as immoral and evil.And of course free thinking,OH BOY.I don't know the answersbut I do know there are only two things you can do with a fanatic,you can isolate him or kill him,they are not to be reasoned with.

  2. James -

    No, Congress has NOT tied the military's hands - Rumsfeld and company have been utterly in charge since day one. Billions meant to reconstuct the country have been stolen via corrupt contracts. And it's been average Americans who've been collecting needed body armor and supplies since the beginning of this conflict. GOP leadership has likewise gutted veteran's benefits.

    As Pelosi has said - 'no more blank checks.'

    We are still battling real international terrorist efforts in Afghanistan, and face grave problems in resolving that nation's stability. A strong Afghanistan would alter the political balance in the middle east - an embattled Iraq strenghthens Iran, as was predicted early on.

    I've been on record opposing the Iraq war since before we actually invaded, but especially since we succeeded in taking Husseing out of power, we should have left within weeks of his capture and called victory ours and let diplomats and reconstruction policies alter that country.

    As it is now - the situation needs resolution, yes. But to claim a faction of Americans wants America to lose in Iraq makes no sense to me. Dissent is not desire to fail.

  3. Joe,

    I was going to post a comment in response to James, but it got way too long. So I made it a post on my blog. I hope you'll check it out

  4. Thanks for the link and for sharing your thoughts on the topic, Snikta.

  5. Anonymous3:48 PM

    please never forget that they came over here and kicked sand in our faces. for two or three decades they have openly attacked and killed our troops over seas. islam will never rest or slow. for terrorists there is only one way, me or you! it's not the way we want it, it's what they give. if we don't defeat terrorism over seas i guarantee we will be fighting them on the streets of america. are you ready? how do i feel? kill 'em all and let god sort 'em out! RR

  6. james8:14 PM

    Joe ,I did not say congress,I said politiciansand that includes THE PREZ.And like most of our government,probably 95% are corrupt.Snikta ,I read your response.Have you ever tried reasoning with a fanatic? I have,there is a reason they are called fanatics.Somebody knock me off the soapbox PLEAS.

  7. James - truly this is a very complex problem ... just one reason a military buildup is no real solution.

    Anonymous - um, not to nitpick, but no one who crashed a plane on 9-11 was Iraqi. they were Saudis mostly, as is bin Laden. training took place in Afghanistan and Pakistan. again, why do we invade Iraq?
    bin Laden is not there.
    if terrorists think they can invade and attack America, i bet cash money they will all die in the attempt long before they achieve any real success. one of bin Laden's stated goals was drawing the U.S. into a mideast war, because that feeds his terror camps with volunteers. jes' sayin' ....

  8. james1:18 AM

    Joe,as much as I would hate to,Iwould take your money.I believe an attack is not only probable,but inevitable.

  9. It may be inevitable -- but will one terrorist attack destroy the naton?
    And is it even remotely possible to somehow erase terrorism from the world?

  10. Anonymous9:22 AM

    they are already here. waiting. watching. it's easy to turn a tanker truck into a rolling bomb. when it happens i will not be one of those with his back to the wall. it's better to die on your feet than live on your knees. RR

  11. OXYMORON10:07 AM

    We grow a few of our own fanatics, say Tim McVeigh. So we don't necessarily have to have terrorists come from aborad.

    Anyone remember the attempts to link Iraq to the Oklahoma City Bombing?

  12. OXYMORON10:33 AM

    "They see us as degenerates,with rampant drug use,people openly gay,rampant sex and porn our hollywood stars as immoral and evil"

    You can get a complete book on how our bad ways are bringing terrorist attacks and animosity from the rest of the world upon us by picking up Dinesh D'souza's book "The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11" It is one of finest examples of escapist fantasy you will ever read.