Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Naked Head of Britney

Using this as the lead story in a newscast is not exactly journalism, but KABC did lead with this yesterday with their report that Britney Spears shaved her head and then went for a tattoo. If you wish, you can view their report here.

It made me think of that lawyer who went crazy and shaved his head in the movie "...And Justice For All," though everyone in that movie went crazy. I am no fan of Spears, but she has my sympathies as the fame-crazy world is obviously chewing her up most fiercely. As writer John Updike once said, "Fame is a mask that eats the face." It eats hair, too, apparently.

Poor kid needs some bona-fide friends who can urge her to stay out of the public eye and just try being a non-famous human for a few months.

Fame-frenzy has been the rage this week, in the wake of the Anna Nicole Smith death-custody battle-who'll inherit the money lunacy. I know that "news" about sex and money get ratings. Duh. But for every minute of "news" taken by this story is yet another minute devoid of content about important events which impact millions of Americans. For instance, despite the pundit blather about the House resolution stating the Bush plan in Iraq is bad policy, how much coverage has actually been provided to explore the status of the war, or reconstruction?

Other than a few blogs, such as Salem's Lots, there was precious little major media coverage of the corporate profiteering and contract fraud for Iraq, to the tune of $10 billion dollars. Imagine the level of scrutiny a week's worth of round-the-clock reporting would bring to that story. Crimes such as these might actually get punished and intense attention might even prevent future frauds which destroy more U.S. efforts in Iraq than an army of insurgents and their IEDs.

The vivid glare off the bald head of Fame can obscure much that is important.


  1. At least we will have a few weeks break from news blurbs about what color her hair is today.

  2. OXYMORON5:12 PM

    "But for every minute of "news" taken by this story is yet another minute devoid of content about important events which impact millions of Americans."

    Remember O.J. Simpson and Tonya Harding? I like to interject at every opportunity that no other two people helped undermine Clinton's efforts at change as those two just by pushing coverage of Universal health care and other inititiaves.

    Not to be too cynical but what is going on under the radar as the "non-binding resolution" to oppose the surge is being debated? A 10 BILLION dollar theft? A clause to let Bush appoint U.S. Attorneys without Senate approval so he can pull attorneys off corruption investigations?

  3. Ugh. I just got cable - first time I've had it in 10 years - and was alarmed to see how much coverage a not-on-the-charts pop singer's hair was getting on CNN and MSNBC. Who cares?!?

  4. james1:42 PM

    Hey now,I'm bald and I've never obscured anything.

  5. well, James, Fame is the key part to the formula mentioned!!

    so be glad you're not part of the problem, heh heh.

  6. Anonymous9:47 AM

    modern news media is entertainment not journalsim, leaning more towards distratction than truth. i should know, i help make it.RR

  7. ah, a Testimonial, dear friends.

    Thanks, RR for yer confession!