Thursday, January 18, 2007

3 Things to Do Before I Shuffle Off

When Stephen King was asked about the 3 things on his "must-do list" I think he spoke for most of us when he said:

""I'd like to outlast George W. Bush's second term of office."

I ponder that notion daily. I hope it is survived by many and grieve for those who have not and won't make that mark. HIs 3rd wish:

"3. To see "American Idol" canceled."

Also in this Newsweek report (hat-tip to R. Neal at KnoxViews for the story) the former Tennessee senator listed these 3:

"1. Continue yearly trip to African regions without health care to perform needed surgery.
2. Fight AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, and work to provide clean drinking water to poor areas.
3. Treat heart problems in gorillas at D.C.'s National Zoo."

No mention of running for Governor. Maybe it's number 4. I personally fear for those gorillas.

My list of 3 Must Do's?

1. Travel and stay for extended periods in Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Egypt, and even more countries around the globe. This plan is all on hold until W. leaves office. The write a book about what I saw and heard.

2. Make the scariest horror movie anyone has ever seen.

3. Employ some of my longtime friends making said movie and sharing huge profits with them all.

What's on your list?


  1. 1. Start my own website filled with independent voices not constricted by fear and have a slew of staff writers I could pay well.
    2. Watch a national liberal political campaign from start to finish
    3. Find the confidence to send the horror novels and short stories I've written to a publisher (not there yet.)

    How are you, my friend.

  2. Being in your movie.

  3. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Doing a movies with Mr. Powell and Tits!!

  4. Newscoma and Tis - you are on the cast list, no prob.

    And anonymous -- a movie with Mr. Powell and Tits has got to be a good thing, heh heh.

  5. Can I be a drunken crazy cat womanthat gets violently killed after she has sex?
    Isn't that normal, dying after sex in a horror film.
    Why, Yes it is :)
    I'd love that part.

  6. Newscoma -- would ya settle for a part as a ravenous zombie?? 'cause i'll be needing those in the movie i've got planned!
    (though I will ponder on a script which has a drunken crazy catwoman)

  7. Anonymous8:45 PM

    i am a horror movie. . . rough, rough

  8. Ahem.....If I don't get to score it (and maintain the writer roayalties but I'll split the publishing with you) your movie won't be near as spooky as the consequences.