Sunday, August 13, 2006

Not Really Lost Apollo 11 Footage

I think I know how the NASA folks feel. It isn't that something important is missing or destroyed, it's just that no one knows where it is.

That's not really lost, then is it?

Half-information and innuendo have led some to decide that there are some soooper-secret "lost Apollo mission tapes" containing soooooper-secret government information. Not sure what information could be - alien contact, footage of Neil Armstrong on a faked Moon-landing site maybe?

Here's the deal:

High quality television signals from the first Moon landing (and other missions) were recorded on telemetry tapes at three locations. A search is on to find these tapes, since the original slow-scan tapes won't last forever. But finding the tapes has become something of a mystery.

So the tapes are not lost. Not yet. If they aren't somewhere, then they may be destroyed. But that isn't lost is it?

But perhaps it would be a good idea to locate them, before the only reference for the Moon landing becomes a footnote for Famous MTV logos.


  1. Cinemonkey4:40 PM

    You know this is just going to fuel the "we never went to the Moon" conspiracy theorists. New "fake" tapes to "fix" the "flaws" of the old "fake" tapes.
    I think my " is stuck.

  2. yep. i "knew" this story would bring all "that" up .... heh heh

  3. Astronauts are sexy.