Friday, July 07, 2006

That Darn Coulter!

A post today at KnoxViews from R. Neal about Ann Coulter makes some of the same points to ponder which I too think most people just don't quite get.

Yes, I'm sticking to my guns about what I said here and here.

The comments on Neal's post mention, as most debates about Coulter do, that Michael Moore is the Left version of Coulter's Right field rants. (Some other Lefties get mentioned too)

But I have yet to hear or read where Moore makes death threats. Coulter does.

Her dangerous fringe followers seem to shovel cash at her like addicts hit meth - both are dead ends.

SayUncle and Les Jones are weighing in with their views too in the comments, and what pops out most quickly is that the range of opinions are expressed without any of the insanely pointless and hate-filled threats of Coulter.

That's all - a good read I just wanted to point out.

Oh, and maybe enough rational humans on the Right or Left or Center or Anywhere Else will express a desire to remove even the tiniest molecule of credibiltiy within a thousand miles of Coulter. Sure she has a right to her opinion, but to provide it more weight than a fart is a critical error.

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  1. Never seen Moore threaten anyone to death or insult widows of the dead.
    Nope, not ever.