Saturday, July 08, 2006

From The Internet Tubes

Since the last post was a peek into the oddities stashed and stored in huge-antical Web Tubes (1), I happened to have the time to collect some more news and videos which tend to create a unique mixture of surprise and dread.

First, GoldenAppleCorp (of AT) wagged a finger at me warning me away for dissing David Hasselhoff, and today I just happened to find the newest video from The Hoff, a remake of a 1975 tune called "Jump In My Car." Is it just me, or does the international fame and resilience of this guy portend a future political career? The video features him wearing a T-Shirt declaring Don't Hassel the Hoff, but it was the dancing that gave me the heebie-jeebies. View the Hoff's latest here.

In other music news, this comment about a new album from Justin Timberlake indicates, as a friend told me, a train wreck is ahead:

he first single from the upcoming Justin Timberlake album, "SexyBack," features a pounding bass beat and electronic sounds, and does not include the falsetto singing that has become Timberlake's trademark. He said, however, that "The best way I can describe that song is say David Bowie and David Byrne decided to do a cover of James Brown's Sex Machine," Timberlake told reporters."

To which I say - Ewwwww! Clean-up on Aisle 12!!!!

To mark the 60th b-day for Our President, the Nintendo company gave him an early gift - a new Nintendo DS Lite, including a copy of the game Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day. The letter from Nintendo accompanying the gift emphasizes the Decider need not be an expert gamer to give it a go.

The advertising giant that is NASCAR found a new client. True, the sponsorship is only on the local track circuit, but who would have ever have foreseen a combo between Scientology and NASCAR? Yes, the Dianetics Racing Team has arrived.

Never, ever, EVER underestimate what is possible in the Web. I said NEVER. One intrepid seeker has successfully traded One Red Paper Clip for a house.

1. I feel like David Foster Wallace making a footnote, but this is for those who missed Alaska Senator Ted Stevens explanation of the internet, here 'tis -- "
I just the other day got, an internet was sent by my staff at 10 oÂ’clock in the morning on Friday and I just got it yesterday. Why? Because it got tangled up with all these things going on the internet commercially. They want to deliver vast amounts of information over the internet. And again, the internet is not something you just dump something on. It'’s not a truck. It'’s a series of tubes."

Visual representations are here. See also, "The Coot-Off".


  1. I don't pretend to know the secret magical ways of the Hoff, but I'm assuming his popularity is driven by people who love schlock and cheese, in that order. I don't question it, though, since he seems to have a pretty good sense of humor about himself. Kudos for that.
    Timberlake should go straight to hell for even considering comparing himself the Thin White Duke and David Byrne.
    I'm fascinated by the bartering abilities of the guy with the paperclip. I wish more people considered bartering a legitimate way to do business.

  2. I said this over at Tiny Cat Pants, but Timberlake reminds me of poppers and gay bars in the mid-80's.
    Just saying.

  3. not surpsing, NewsC. --- since he fantasizes about male singers doing the sex machine!!!

  4. OMFG, both to The Hoff and to Ted Stevens.

    As for Timberlake, Newscoma's got a good point, there.