Thursday, June 22, 2006

Return of The Cats That Look Like Hitler

Pointing out places with the goofiest crap on the internets has its rewards, judging by the hundreds (if not thousands) of people who've visited this humble but lovable blog in the last week in search of Cats That Look Like Hitler.

I doubt the searchers have spent much more time actually reading what has been written here on all kinds of topics, despite any attempts to offer news or analysis of modern America. Well, the times are worse than tough so why not have some mindless fun - just chalk all this down to my amazement at the world I inhabit.

Yes, I've ranted plenty over the cons of neo-cons, but did that bring me mention on the Air America blog? Nope. Cats That Look Like Hitler did.

Viral ads, illegal immigration, corruption, bribes, waste, war - does that bring attention? Nope. Cats That Look Like Hitler does.

Do posts about loopy and meaningless Senate votes bring attention from Senate offices? Nope. Cats That Look Like Hitler does.

I confess to an attraction to writing about the odd and the weird along with any thoughts about how strangled the Constitution and Civil Rights have become, how deeply misguided Americans are wallowing in revenge and hate and loooooooove of money. But weird wins the contest by a huge margin. I've even become acquainted with the miniature universe of Catbloggers, and two weeks ago I'd never heard of it.

As any writer does, I hunger for readers and spotlights and links to this page. Like Faulkner or Chandler, millions more people will see the movie The Big Sleep than bother to read the books either man sacrificed and slaved to create.

But, dang - is a search for funny kitty pics outweigh most any use the internets has??

Survey says - YES!!

If I had known, I'd have written about and posted pics of Illegal Immigrant Cats Who Might Be Gay Nazis a long time ago.

Oh - and just in case - more Cats That Look Like Hitler:


  1. Perhaps you need to change the name of the blog to "Cup of Cats That Look Like Hitler?"

  2. OXYMORON10:52 PM

    where's the fucking comb-over?

  3. Anonymous11:33 PM

    OK, that was funny.

  4. A comb over would have looked pretty good on that hairless cat.
    Is a hairless cat an oxymoron?

    What about Big Rabbits that look like hitler?

    You know people care more about weird looking animals than politics unless it affects them - let Gas go up another thirty cents and write about that and you will get more hits on current events.

  5. Cup of Cats That Look Like Hitler.
    Umm ... could make you a mint.

  6. Have you ever been to Men That Look Like Kenny Rogers? That's pretty good too...

  7. heh heh.
    Kenny Rogers is a man, baby!

    pages of cats are everywhere on the internets so maybe that means we is all generally happy and blissful. Ignorance is bliss ......

  8. Alloyd411:15 AM

    I love my cats (and one does look like Hitler, but I don't display him for all to see)and they give me comfort from the insanity of the world. I guess that's why some folks waste millions of pixels or bites or whatever they're called on the internet. But most people are stupid, unaware and clueless.That's why I hate them. Got a letter from Lamar Alexander yesterday explaining why he believes marriage should be codified as something only between a man and a woman. He didn't acknowledge my recent call protesting that inane notion. Perhaps I'll just forward him a photo of cats next time?

  9. What I want to know is, where did those people get a tiny Hitler hat and Nazi pendant? Did they have it made especially for the cat? If so, how much did these people pay to Hitlerify their cat?

    By the way, didn't Uncle David's cat, Hyde, look like Hitler?

  10. Darn fine question about the tiny Nazi apparel, Girlspit. And yes, I do think David's cat has a wee moustache.

    Must email and ask him for a pic.

    I think some of the wee kitties look more Chaplin, but that's just me.

    And Julie - you knew didn't you? I am in fact searching for Bunny pics with that very theme! You wench you! After all big bunnies are ... well, big.

  11. OXYMORON12:02 AM

    After enough wine, OXYMORON is a hairless pussy.

  12. ..... and that's called "over-sharing" ...

  13. I soooooo want little outfits for my cat.
    She doesn't want a little outfit.
    But, Oh God! She is such a little SS cat at times.