Saturday, June 24, 2006

Monkey Gangs Grab Own Flags

Who knew a monkey could contract patriotic fever? Well, it's really World Soccer Cup fever.

The report also mentions that the Monkey Gangs number 120. And whenever I have the chance to use words like Monkey Gangs, I will.


  1. Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey
    I wanna be a monkey!
    Love the Monkey.

  2. And waht about Monkeys that look like Hitlar?

  3. OXYMORON2:50 PM

    "Leave my Monkey Alone"
    Warren Zevon

  4. One of the funniest things we say around my office is "Your monkey is not strong."
    Of course we go to the Kung Fu Monkey blog, and so that's where we got it.
    Hee ... Monkeys.

  5. as Homer Simspon once said, "Ah, the simple joys of a monkey knife fight."

  6. Then, of course, there is monkey fluids.

    (or is that there "are" monkey fluids?)

  7. Monkey Fluids is one of the funniest web sites ever.
    Disturbingly funny.

    YOu can't go wrong with a Monkey.

  8. I know the smoking monkey has his "bad boy" charms and how can you go up against Monkey Gangs, but let's not forget the monkey in cowboy hat and chaps that rides a dog at all the rodeos.
    Now that's charm

  9. Oh Squirrel -

    I got a chance to see the dog-riding monkeys at a rodeo a few years ago as they rode the border collie pups and rounded up sheep.

    I nearly passed out I was lauging so hard. Probably the most fun a human can have is watching them monkey cowboys, but I urge folks to rbing oxygen tanks as you too may hyperventilate from laughter!!!