Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Locals Foot Bill For Cheney Fundraiser

A couple of thoughts about how taxpayer dollars are being spent or should be spent.

Enclave has the details about how the $13,000 plus expenses for security were charged to taxpayers for a GOP fundraising event led by V.P. Cheney. I'd like one reason why fundraising dollars should NOT pay for this rather than taxpayers.

Also, some debate about extra revenue for the state is just silly. First, these are "projected increases" and haven't even been counted much less captured by the state yet. And second, for all the whining about funding education, why buck the notion that any extra earnings should go into education? What hypocrisy.

The spend, spend, spend philosphy needs to keep focused on improving fundings for programs that will increase jobs - like the proposal to encourage filmmaking in the state - and keeping the state's reserve fund strong. That also provides a better rating statewide for fiscal responsibility.

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  1. This. Sucks.
    Incidentally, did he shoot anyone in the face out in ole Belle Meade? Used to live out there.
    Just wondering if everyone was safe.