Wednesday, May 24, 2006

DeLay Uses Colbert as Defense and Other Ironies

As rumors of investigations and scandal continue to swirl over congress it is obvious that Weird and Ironic will be the twin dangers like Scylla and Charybdis, waiting to swallow those who are too close.

First is the truly amazing story that Tom DeLay's Legal Defense Fund has decided that comedian Steven Colbert's satire is DeLay's best defense. Astonishing on so many levels and just darned funny too.

And I must wonder, since the news was released today that the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is under investigation by the FBI as part of a massive corruption scandal -- was that why he was so upset that the FBI actually raided a congressional office?

Hastert's web page even goes so far as to express grave concern about warrants or the lack of them, and the the importance of Constitutional rights and consolidating power in one branch of government.

Now, he's concerned. When it was just the average American whose rights were being trampled, well that's national security.


  1. We are on the same page.
    Colbert on Haybutt's side?
    I don't think so.
    I love the interview on Terry Gross with him about a year ago talking about the intricacies of comedy.

  2. Oh, my head.

    I mean, the mind just boggles.

  3. we need to devise a word to describe the brain pain caused by these chuckleheads.

  4. It's so hilarious it hurts. Too bad Stephen is on vacation (for two whole weeks!). "Who's Honoring Me Now?"

    Hmmm, the Word...the Word...