Sunday, December 25, 2005

Two Christmas Stories

Of all the various presentations of the Christmas story, in movies and books, and elsewhere, I always thought the version as presented by Linus in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special as about the best.

Still, I searched for a story or two to share here today.

Then, reading through some of the links included here on this page, I read a two-part Christmas story at, of all places, The Stinkhorn Rodeo. So please take a read at Johnny Rawhide's "Makiin' Christmas At The Ranch" Parts One and Two.

And much Joy and Peace to all.


  1. Thanks for turning me onto Stinkhorn Rodeo a couple of months ago. They are wonderful writers (much like yourself)..
    Happy Holidays to you & yours!

  2. Wow what a wonderful piece of writing. Thanks for the link Joe, Merry Christmas

  3. Thanks fer the link the goin's on down to the Ranch.

    And remember, ever word ya read on the Stinkhorn Rodeo is true.