Thursday, December 29, 2005

Simplicity Defined

You have to admire a simple and great idea like this one - making nearly one million dollars with the Internet in four months. 21-year-old Alex Tew created, offering anyone who wanted a chance to buy one or a dozen or however many pixels for only one dollar per pixel.

In four months, he's sold over 900,000.


  1. carpenterjd6:40 PM

    I didn't think it was legal to sell pixels. Isn't it against their basic human rights?

  2. According to the site (and the FAQ), the number of pixels sold is 0. Do you have inside information?

  3. Alice -
    The Reuters story in the 2nd link has the details.
    Or just read Alex's blog as of Dec. 30th:
    "As for pixel orders, they are flowing in at a truely tremendous rate. We're currently facing a 48,000+ pixel order backlog - which means the million mark will be almost certainly be reached within the next few hours, which is before the new year arrives - awesome! I really didn't expect it to happen this fast, but this little project of mine has just entered a new stratosphere."