Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Voters Boot School Board

Voters in PA were not going to wait and see what a court might say about the questionable non-scientific teachings in the classroom. The idiotic phrase "intelligent design" brought out the voters who booted 8 school board members who demanded that science education take a powder, so three cheers for the voters.

In Kansas, they have different approach - just change the schools' definition of science.

How often are students in elementary and high school drilled with the idea that a handful of Pilgrims shaped the history of America, when in truth hundreds of thousands of inmates in Europe's prisons were dumped on the shores of America? How many indentured servants came to America seeking freedom? Why not discuss this in America's classrooms?

Anyone remember when students and teachers in public school debated science and biology and civics and students and teachers in churches debated religious issues?


  1. Happy dancing! Happy dancing!

  2. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Ironic that President Bush, who is a proponent of intelligent design (as stated by one of your linked articles), is one of the best arguments against it.