Monday, November 07, 2005

Make The Facts Fit After We're Done

A new study has compiled some statistics about childhood amputations, though hopefully we all know how such "compilations" seldom provide accurate pictures. Usually, the stat-quoters use the information to make people push some new law or new standard into place. So after reading this report, I'm waiting for the new law -- if doors are the most common cause of amputation incidents among children, the Ban Doors in America. Oh, and Ban Bicycles, Lawnmowers, etc. Let's get the Babyproof America Lobby up and running people!

I suppose I am too paranoid, maybe because I've seen to many End-Of-The-World movies, but a report about the discovery of an ancient Christian church in Meggido (where the battle of Armegeddon is apparently supposed to take place) makes me nervous. We'll be fine, right? ...... Right?

File under Ironic News: Bush Administration officials ordered to take Ethics Classes. (The article comes via a link from Tennessee Guerilla Women.) We'll all be fine, right? .... Right?

The Editor and Publisher has the story about Sen. Harry Reid's challenge to the Senate last week, indicating Sen. Reid and other Democrats have some proof that Congress and the American Public were fed a stack of lies about WMD, Iraq, etc, etc. I'm sure it doesn't really matter if the facts were faked, because our cause is Just. We'll all be fine, right? . .... Right?


  1. Come 2008, we'll get our country back.. right??

  2. Anonymous12:52 PM

    When I heard about the mandatory ethics class, I pictured Karl Rove & Dick Cheney in the back of the room flipping desktop paper footballs at each other.

  3. I can't see Rove or Cheney ever taking the back of the room.

    Keeping their room a secret, that I can see.

  4. You mean they lied to us about Iraq? Noooooooo They wouldn't do that would they? Drop by My blog or travis's sometime see ya later and keep up the good writing

  5. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Sandegaye and everybody else... we don't have to wait until 2008. Congressional elections are NEXT YEAR!!! Let's change the power basis in Washington ASAP. Do not vote the same-old same-olds back into office. A Republican majority has got to end. Balance the scales boys and girls. Put Dems in office next year, and even up the power structure. And if you haven't yet written a love letter to Harry Reid, get to it.