Saturday, September 17, 2005

Where's The Movie Review?

The normal schedule here on yer Cup Of Joe is a movie feature and recommendations, but oh faithful readers, not this weekend. I've been a wee bit sick and haven't the energy.

Let me substitute with a few links to More News Ignored by the local and even state media. For instance, a big hullabaloo was made when protestors againts TennCare cuts ended the round-the-clock presence, which 'news' groups reported. But it's only half-true. They no longer sleep in the Capitol Building, but the protesters are there every day. Sept. 18th is day 90.

In the midst of the disaster in the Gulf Coast, V.P. Cheney made sure the "oil kept flowing". So why did much of the South, including Tennessee see gas prices jump a dollar higher for almost a week??

Oh, but the best is for last here. Former TN Gov. Don Sundquist, whose 1990s administration is still undergoing federal investigation, who handed multi-million dollar contracts to his pals who then invented companies just to get contracts, and who oversaw the budget of TnCare run to the tens of billions is chairman of the Federal committe studying Medicaid -- and how to dismantle it. No, that last line is not in their charter, but that is obviously "Sindquist's" duty here. On Sept. 1, his panel issued the first of its two reports due -- the first idea is to cut $10 billion nationwide from Medicaid. I hate to even think what "Sindquist" offers up next.

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  1. Get to feeling better Joe.

    I will call "W" and see if he will send you some oil, that should help...but it will cost you.