Sunday, September 18, 2005

Residents Must Demand Representation

As I told you on Wednesday, the State Attorney General had twice notified local Sessions Judge Bacon and the local utility board that it was illegal for him to serve on the utility board. Today, the local paper "announced" the Judge's resignation from the board. How long would he have served if the news had not been reported here? How many other problems go ignored?

An examination of several government appointed positions and boards throughout the city and county should be demanded by residents. A quick look would show the residents and the State AG that only a handful of people get appointed to most jobs. This handful gets passed around from job to job and have been for decades. How many other conflicts of interest would be revealed?

Why are the local residents excluded on a constant basis? A voter turn-out in the last city elections of 7% shows zero confidence in leadership, and zero belief that the voting process works.

Can it be that elected officials want to keep the public as ill-informed as possible?
After years of failed promises from other bodies, the County government is still the ONLY elected body to broadcast their public meeting.

Why is the investigation into using city vehicles by police officers as they make jaunts out to a Memphis strip joint being swept aside? Why would an investigation into promotion practices by MPD he held behind closed doors of the Civil Service board? Why wouldn't those elected to serve as city officials hold public hearings? Isn't that a powerful way to show they will not tolerate inappropriate behavior? Thank goodness there are members of the MPD who are concerned, and there are also several elected officials and government employees who are willing to raise these questions. They know a few bad apples can have a devastating effect. They know, as do most citizens, those in positions in government must be held to a higher standard. Those who serve with distinction are surely troubled by the actions of those who seem to have lower standards.

Why is the brand new county jail annex already failing to meet the goals of its creation, holding fewer inmates than county commissioners were told? Are there efforts underway to create a regional prison in Hamblen County to 'correct' the massive overcrowding, especially since several area counties have had their jails decertified?

The conflicts of interest appear to be common as ice in the Arctic.


  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Joe, you hit the nail on the head with Morristown Utility and all the other boards.

    Just a few special people run everything.

    Jail: Wasn't it just a few months ago that David Purkey was telling the Tribune about how great it was that the Hamblen County jail wasn't overcrowded.

    Now look at the jail. A jail annex was built, and now it's overflowing.

    The Regional Prison is coming--Miller's Ditch arises like the Phoenix from the ashes.

  2. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Somewhere is the Ballad of Millers Ditch....needs playing time again it seems....will they never learn?
    And, again, if it is proposed, who has the land for sale? Follow the money trail.

  3. Hate to say it, but the word on the street is the MUS, while announcing open applications, has already tapped a local CEO and board member to a handful of others groups too, as their appointee. Time will tell!!