Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Petroleum Love 2 and Hating Moms

As I read thru the ultra-rabid hystrionics that anyone, especially A Mom of a veteran, should speak her mind freely in American about the War in Iraq, I have to admit how similar this looks to America in the Vietnam days. However, rather than some idiot spitting and cursing at returning troops, now we have idiots spitting and cursing Cindy Sheehan for expressing her views against the war. Both Rabid Right and Rabid Left see her as some sort of one-size-fits-all tool.
But I was reminded to those old VietHate Days when I read this quote from the authors of the web log Six Meat Buffet -

So now we know that Cindy is a braindead sockpuppet for the Moore-ons of the left, parroting their tired anti-American, anti-Semitic cliches with the ferocity of Courtney Love at a crackhouse. Cindy has been given more than the benefit of the doubt and it’s nice to see that we can now push that courtesy out of the way and tell it like it is.
Cindy, do your family a favor and crawl back under your rock. Better yet, get a job. That way, when you threaten “not to pay your taxes”, that might actually mean something."

Now unless a writer/reporter has actually talked to Cindy as opposed to listening attentively to the Talk Show Hosts/Hatchet Artists whose jobs depend of the endless creations of the Two-Minute Hate, then their observations are hollow judgemental pleas for attention. Or you could just go spit on her. That was good enough for Nam wasn't it?

The Ignorance of the Media is eager to provide that Two-Minute Hate for yer Talk Shows, because the public would just be bored with Facts about the millions or is it billions in funding now that have gone unaccounted for in Iraq for the Years of the American "reconsturction". See just some of the details at this report --- or just keep spitting at anyone whose opinion is different from yours.


  1. I cant remember where I read it, but a study was done and come to find out, Vietnam Veterans being spit on at airports as they returned home turns out to be popular mythology.

    Google it yourself dammit.

    Conservatives are allways ready to honor those who have served and families who have sacrificed so long as they vote Republican.

  2. Tthe use of my phrasing was certainly metaphoric, but i'm sure if Google says it's so, then Google is God. History is usually maintained by those who kill off opposing views. The vets I talked too seemed to have accurate memories of their "Welcome Home."

  3. Rodeo Monkey9:03 PM

    Why doesn't Bush just walk down his driveway & talk to the nice lady?

  4. LAMO!!!!!!! that's a good one. talk hasn't been a part of the W protocol since God told him to be president. no other conversation is needed.

    W. confering with anyone outside his handlers is about as likely as W's daughters enlisting in the armed forces.

  5. http://www.mahablog.com/2005.04.24_arch.html

    Here's a link to a fellow blogger concerning the Viet Vets being spit on.

    The "liberal" media has been very busy for more than 26 years casting shame on America for "losing" a war that was never declared and which was activly dodged by many of the hawks who now send GI's to die.

    Sorry if I came across as rude.

  6. I didn't see your comments as rude, hotblueandleftish, nope.
    I just wanted to emphasize my point was that the national media hungers for popular Hates to hold up and revile, regardless of relevance. It's a stupid as Van Hilleary clamoring to debate Jane Fonda.
    More than anything else, the Bush White house motto is The Ends Always Justify the Means.
    Like many others, I too wonder why the Bush daughters are no where to be found near this war.
    That disgusting picture on Bill Hobbs/Rush Limbaugh's website of a Republican staffer "kickin' back in Iraq" is just obscene. (see the Thursday Aug 11 post).