Thursday, August 18, 2005

Every TN Citizen Will Need New IDs

Only one newspaper, the Greeneville Sun, reveals what is in the future for every resident of the state of Tennessee. Here is the story from today's issue -

Every person living in Tennessee in the year 2008 will have to go into a state office and show proof of his or her citizenship as part of a new federal anti-terrorism mandate, Tennessee Commissioner of Safety Fred Phillips said Tuesday evening.
More than 5 million people will be affected by the new identity-checking, federally unfunded mandate that will apply to everyone residing within the state’s borders in 2008, Phillips said at a fund-raising dinner for the Greene County Democratic Party.
Speaking at the General Morgan Inn, Phillips described the logistics of the new federal law as being an unprecedented massive effort required of this state, but one that Tennessee officials, along with officials in the other states, must “somehow” comply with."


  1. auralee12:29 PM they'll be wanting to bar-code our foreheads...(where have I heard that one before???)
    keep diggin, bud...'truth' is usually buried under the mire of politics and red tape. I've always trusted you to wipe it off and present it. keep up the 'dirty' work!

  2. I am working on a follow up here, which is a new federal law enacted in May tucked into a payment plan for Tsunami victims.
    Look for a lot more info on this one by Monday the 22nd -- so far every state legislature and the national governor's association opposed it.
    Our Congressman Bill Jenkins voted YES for this bill. Only Congressman Duncan and Gordon voted against it -- more to come -- thanks for reading Auralee!

  3. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Whatever happen to states rights! If we had legislators with gonads they would refuse these unfunded mandates. The U.S. Constitution could not be clearer. Where are elected officials that swore on the Bible to protect citizens from this idiocy.