Friday, December 21, 2012

Annual Christmas Photo Caption Contest

Yes, it's that time again - craft your best caption for the photo above and you too can be a WINNER!

What will you win? A giant heapin' helpin' of my love and devotion, that's what. Not too shabby. (And of course, you'll receive the satisfaction of a job well done!!)

A caption to get you started --

"Say Mayan Apocalypse one more time, and there will be something way worse than coal in yer stocking."


Anonymous said...

"Who's ready for more of my special 'chocolate bacon'?"

RK said...

For once, Joan Rivers works a street corner for OTHERS' benefit.

Cathy said...

Do I LOOK like I got to go to IKEA this year?

Joe Powell said...

LOL, Cathy