Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who is this Rove?

While dominating political debates and policies for years, when the history of American politics is written, Karl Rove will be a footnote, a thesis paper topic, and an example of 'what could have been'.

I'd wager that about as many average folks know Rove's name as know the legacy of President McKinley, the man Rove used as template for political ambition.

Rove's resignation from the White House staff might have made news headlines today, but most in America can tell you more about Lindsay Lohan.

What does his departure mean? I think Eugene Robinson is probably right:

Rove's new job will be to put lipstick on Bush's hideous legacy -- and, in the process, freshen up his own."

"But let's give the man his due. Karl Rove managed to get George Walker Bush elected president of the United States, not once but twice. Okay, you're right, the first time he needed big assists from Katherine Harris (speaking of lipstick) and the U.S. Supreme Court, but still. Honesty requires the acknowledgment that Rove was very good at what he did.

"The problem, of course, is that what Rove did and how he did it were awful for the nation."

Even a dubious legacy is still a legacy.


  1. I think Rove will go lick his wounds, avoid prosecution and then get back on the GOP train.

    I don't think he's gone at all. He's hibernating until next year.

  2. I sure wanted to see him goose-stepped out of the White House.. oh well, another day.

  3. Why is the song "Seasons in the Sun" on permanent loop in my brain?