Sunday, August 12, 2007

Aide to Rep. Davis Caught Altering Online Bio

The online world seems to be troublesome for ET Congressman David Davis. Following the online media and traditional media criticisms for a vote he made against tougher laws on dogfighting, Davis' press secretary Tim Hill, was caught trying to eliminate info on the WikiPedia website showing King Pharmaceuticals contributions to Davis and to Tennessee State Representative Matthew Hill, Tim's brother.

Oddly, Hill says he was just trying to make information about those connections disappear because it was "hurtful" to Davis. Which is not to say the information was not accurate. It was. But Hill seems to think the facts could be damaging. The very tech savvy administrators at WikiPedia caught the meddling effort and corrected it.

The online world is not very kind to Rep. Hill. This site, which is heavily linked to Democrat causes, has tracked his legislative record extensively.

SEE ALSO: Additional information reported in the Kingsport Times-News.


  1. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Any idea why this event, which happened in June and has been reported elsewhere, merits front-page, above-the-fold placement on a Sunday News Sentinel?

  2. Well the KNS report was Saturday, not Sunday. I read the online version so I am not sure of placement on the hard copy.

    It does appear the Kingsport paper had a feature on Sunday print editions which was front page.

    As to the timing, I saw references to this in a WikiPedia report from July (links to that story, and why it has garnered press reports are in the the KNS article) but no Tennessee press coverage until this weekend. I wonder why it took so long to register with the print media?

    I had no idea the event occurred until the press filed their reports.

  3. Seems Rep. Davis' actions (and those of his lackeys) are under the microscope lately. If his "indiscretions" (or his subordinate's on his behalf) were not widely reported in the local media at the time they took place, that does not mean they are not currently newsworthy. We can wag a finger at local media outfits for not paying attention or doing their research at the time of the WikiPedia vandalism, but their poor performance hardly makes this little scandal not front page worthy. This news should be of particular interest to those in the 1st District. It may have been "reported elsewhere" in the past, but I and many others have only heard of this in the last few days because it is only now front page news.

  4. This is just the latest of many shady things that the Hill family has done.

  5. Thanks for the link. I'm actually an Independent who opposes abortion. I just find the behavior of some Republicans, mostly those funded by Gregory money, to be incredibly un-Christ-like, regardless of how much they trumpet religion in their campaigns.

  6. Now if you could just nail Rep. David Davis to make a definitive statement about his official position to RU-486...