Friday, September 02, 2005

Gas Price Checker

ANOTHER UPDATE -- Checking gas prices online is useless right now, but I will leave this post in place for the other comments I made. Also, if you suspect (as I do) that consumers are being blasted by price gouging at the pumps, you can call this number to report it in Tennessee: 800-342-8385 or 615-741-4737.

UPDATE -- This price checker is still days behind, but I am leaving it in place for now. Prices are about one dollar higher than they were on Monday here in ET. Back when prices only changed once a week, it was more useful in helping you find the lowest prices. Low prices are part of the past.

Just one more note -- I've noticed wide-spread denials already about the dire warnings from the last 2 years concerning much-needed safety improvements in the Gulf Coast requested from FEMA and the U.S. Army Coprs of Engineers. Read the posts from Wednesday to see some of those reports.

I received a link from Mr. Smith down Georgia way a few days ago which can give you info on the prices at the gas pumps near you. Click here. But one note -- they currently show the prices as of Wednesday nite and today those prices are about 50 cents higher or more. It shows you where we were but it is updated overnight and checks some 90,000 stations nationwide.

Not far from me, an independent station and market on Kidwell's Ridge Road, had up a sign a week or so ago that said - "Price of Gas - An Arm and A Leg". Today it reads - "An Arm and A Leg and Your 1st Born." At least we have some humor to go with this enormous increase. Several people I talked to today all say they had gas in the tank, but they 'topped off" just to be sure, which is bound to take a bite out of current supplies.

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  1. Auralee12:12 PM

    holy refries, batman!!!
    Gas is blown way out of realistic financial proportions.
    talk about gut wrenching!
    as i passed by the pumps the other day, i made the 'gastly' mistake of not stopping that moment to fill up. i thought i'd better drive thru the auto teller at the bank first!! it was an absolute stinker when i returned only 10...count them..TEN...minutes later.
    The price had jumped 30 cents!
    Now, you can correct my english and pardon my french... but.....daaaaamn...
    When will it end?.....what can we do?...woe is me...waa waaa waaa!
    all i gotta say now is.......anyone for a tea party???