Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tennessee's Lyin' Dance

Today's Memphis Commercial Appeal notes the FBI investigation of state government is spreading to the County government level. Can any resident who has followed the state's government be surprised by this? Al least the Memphis paper has been reporting the story!

n an Aug. 9 interview with The Commercial Appeal,[County Commission Chairman] Hooks was asked at least seven times, in a variety of phrasings, if he'd taken money in the E-Cycle sting.
He called the questions "bizarre'' and "ridiculous'' but never denied taking money, and at times, pumped a reporter for details.
"If you know something I don't, you want to tell me?'' he asked."

Maybe we should start calling this TN Waltz investigation the Official State Lyin' Dance.

Between this investigation, the 3 to 4 year investigation into drug trafficking and money laundering by County law enforcement and Police from Putnam to Cocke County dubbed Operation Tarnished Shield, one has to wonder how deep the infection runs thru this state.


  1. I have been trying to run my household budget from my State's examples. I am starting to think we do not have good leadership because their lead ain't working out for me.

  2. I think the State model would include embezzlement, falsifying records, and theft. I'm sure law enforcement wouldn't bother you if ya just told em yer tactics were the same as theirs.

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