Sunday, September 04, 2005

Get That Cup Of Joe Delivered!!

As of today, you can have a piping-hot, fresh Cup of Joe delivered to your email -- just use the form in the Links section and that's all there is to it. Many thanks to The Editor for the much-needed info on how to add this service. The Ed. has been working hard to make sure this site meets my goals and is easily accessible for all of you. Learning to write computer codes, adding and creating new items for this page are ongoing and will continue.

With shattering aftermath of the hurricane in the Gulf Coast, there have been some odds and ends in the news I have held onto -- here's yer News.

The short American attention span regarding Media Mogul Pat Robertson -- presidential candidate/diamond mine magnate/banker/faith healer/CIA advisor -- sadly gives him the chance to spew inane and unsane ramblings between commercials and fundraising. In this story from 1999, Robertson's tattered past got some much-deserved attention.
Even with his recent high-profile status, most news agencies still ignore the man's wacky behavior.

In China, they ARE prepared for a massive typhoon. They evacuated nearly one million people (if you believe their press reports.)

Reporters on the scene in the South appear to be finding some much needed outrage regarding the same old cheerleading comments from elected/appointed officials, via Slate.

And there is much outrage to report over the societal breakdowns in New Orleans, with reports of children being raped to death.

And the nation's largest-of-its-kind program to use satellites to track sex offenders in Tennessee will begin next week.

More later.

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