Thursday, August 18, 2005

"A" for School PR - Part Two

This started as a reply to some comments to Tennesse Jed's comment below and I got so riled up I decided to place it as a main item -- hope you can stomach some truth, Tennessee:

When was it, I wonder, that the so-called "right" to an education has now transmogrified into "all public school education must lead to employment" in a state with zero worker rights??
If that were true, then the average 22% of Tennesseans who possess a college degree should have their pick of astonishing jobs.
I guess we can remain assured of low-paying occupations, zero job protections, and bare benefits that companies can abandon with government protection when they go belly-up and 25 year employees can go suck dirt -- this is what we have as long as the this state's Dept. of Education is in charge.

The truth is, even the most minimal manufacturing jobs are writing off the Southeast since workers can't even follow picto-grams on the computer equipment.

I don't want to get off on a rant here, but the LAST thing the Hamblen Board of Education and their State toadies want is for the population to see a VALUE in simply being educated, as in creating a population capable of thinking for themselves.

Funding getting low? How about creating a brand new expense of multi-million dollar New Pre-School programs since the school boards can't manage the programs that currently exist?

A few years ago the Hamblen Board got state Awards for crafting a pro-literacy program available ONLY to homes with computer access!!! That was sheer genius for wasting money and computer skill. If Johnny can't read, he won't be surfing the Net looking for help!!!!

One Hamblen County Commissioner just published their 2005 Hamblen school calendar and could not get the word "Education" spelled correctly. Wonder how many school board members/real estate salesman bought ads in that calendar??

UPDATE -- The mistaken spelling has been sent back to the presses, and I'm sure they'll work VERY hard to destroy all evidence of their errors.

Tennessee has gushed tax dollars like a decapitated hemophiliac into the State Education dept with decades of constanly abysmal results and their only response is GIVE US MORE MONEY. How about chucking the pointless programs with proven failures, the Superintendents who earn more money than Bill Gates, and demanding some accountability from hypocritical school boards,
and the Endless Fundraising Congressman to actually provide students with the ability to reason, learn, adapt and invent??
Nawwwwwww, Joe, let's blame the County government who have raised school spending by the millions year after year after year. Don't blame the school leaders who won't hire needed teachers or allow public access to public documents.

Hear that Clue Phone ringing? The number you need to call is the Dept of Education and not the Hamblen County Commission. But that was the point wasn't it -- get you so confused you flail away at every shadow and the Dept of Education always appears as the Knight in Solid Gold Tax Armor.


  1. that is funny! Did the editor/proof reader at Morrison Printin' go to school in Hamblen county?

    The lotto college grant is a great idea...but they are not going to give many out if the students can not spell at a fifth grade level. Good thing the test are mutiple choice!

    Got to go cry now to get my serotonin level high enough to cope with this crap (can't afford prozak, because health insurance premimums cost more than my house payment).

  2. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Seems as though the County Commission and the Board of Educate could use IBM since all they can do is throw money at the sloth.