Sunday, August 14, 2005

Congressman Jenkins UPDATE - Brings Money

This year for the first time, Congressman Jenkins, now in his 5th term in Congress, has said he will meet with the people he represents on a first come/first serve basis as long as they sign some paperwork and fill out some forms. The only real change to this process is that now you don't actually have to call in advance to schedule an appointment with YOUR REPRESENTATIVE when he actually does announce publicly he is in town. (Although he has met privately with many business friends and pals when they ask for time, but you can call his Hamblen Co. office every Thursday from 9 am till 11 am if YOU need to reach him.) (He does Fundraisers, too!!)

You know, his biography page on his website says he's "just a farmer" even though the only jobs he has had since the age of 25 have been in government. Now he does write on his web page that he OWNS a farm. Says he operates it too. But other than state and federal office, being a former TVA board member, Judge, staffer for Lamar Alexander, there aren't any other jobs listed.

He often issues press releases that all start the same way -- THE CONGRESSMAN ANNOUNCES A GRANT FOR (fill in name of your town or project). Most recently in Morristown, he announced a ONE MILLION DOLLAR Grant for a ROAD that leads to the local Morristown-Hamblen Hospital. You may remember the Hamblen County government just recently spent millions of YOUR TAXPAYER dollars for the hospital's debt just as the bank was about to foreclose on the hospital due to failure to keep up interest payments. All done very quickly after members of your local press decided to NOT report those financial failings for months and months. Funny, how it all was "such a surprise", even though members of the county government serve on various boards for the hospital. A million dollar road sure sounds purty, don't it? Maybe next we can get us a Cement Pond fer the back yard!!! Hoo, doogies!!

I wonder -- if someone wants to go to Lakeway Regional Hospital (which has actually been PAYING property taxes to the city and county) and which is ACROSS THE STREET from Morristown-Hamblen, will those drivers have to use a different road??

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  1. auralee12:42 PM

    gadzeeks! add in an article i received on the ever so mega conglom/business/not for profit insurance provider that has .....excuse me..HOW MUCH??? over what is lawful in its coffers...and the nightmare of health care, politics, money/financial loss vs gain...becomes a 10 part horror flick that rivals the jason vs freddy sagas.
    but why should we worry...those of us that WORK for a living and PAY our taxes will still be providing premium health care (in some form or other) to those who don't.
    *perhaps i have a solution...
    let's all start paying for health care AND its facilities as our forefathers's not difficult to raise chickens and i can still make a mean cherry one would go hungry then!
    it beats the 'bull' that we get now!