Monday, August 15, 2005

Are Your Politics Genetic?

A political scientist at Rice University, John Alford, has published a study which indicates your political thoughts and acts are the result of genetics.

So is it your simply your nature, or perhaps the ultimate evolution of your own DNA, to demand that public school abandon the scientific method and teach reglious-themed science with the ironic designation of "intelligent design"?

The full version of Alford's study can be found online at American Political Science Review

Much thanks to Rodeo Monkey for pointing this story out.


  1. TimSmasken8:54 AM

    I come from a long line of conservative Republicans and I can happily say that this IS one of the reasons I'm a passionate liberal Democrat.

  2. They are all crooks and liars, the raw truth is if you do not have money you don't have a vote.

    My Dad and Mom were Democrats (e.g. no money)...I guess I am too (same economics). I have always voted the Independent ticket until this last joke, um I mean election. I wanted what I have always wanted, for my vote to count and money freedom.

    You have heard the stories where some blue votin' dirt farmer's kid rises up out of the dirt to become a Republican. It is the "New American Dream".