Wednesday, August 17, 2005

An "A" for PR, But Failing in Facts

The latest scores for Tennessee high schoolers who take the ACT, which our state prefers over the SAT, has some notable acheivements --
More students than ever took the test.
State students scored higher in English than the national average.
The State Dept of Education said the results are encouraging because 5 percent more state students took the test this year than in 2004.

However, overall scores in math, reading and science show readiness for the requirements in college were below average.

How could this be? Why , in Hamblen County alone, the teachers were seeking adequate pay and benefits --- oh yeah, they were refused those increases by the Hamblen Board of Education which forced teachers into contract negotiations well into the school year.
The HBOE said they would hire extra teachers -- oh yeah, they put up new windows at HBOE offices.
This year, little children went to the Hamblen County Commission saying "just give up more money" (where the average household income is below $24,000) and the Director of Schools, Dr Dale Lynch went on TV to beg for free school supplies (his income is higher than the Governor of Tennessee.)
So why are there NO complaints voiced at School Board meetings, where they decide where every penny of the tens and tens of millions of dollars they receive are to be spent?
Oh yeah, comments from residents will only be heard AFTER the board conducts business.
What is the school slogan this year "Looking Good and Sounding Great"??
Yeah, kids, put that on your resumes and see if anyone hires you.

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  1. It don't matter if they get hired Joe it all pays the same in East Tennessee (right to starve...err work State) for folks who ain't on the board.

    JED SAID: Starvin' to death is much more fun when you don't have to clock-in for it!