Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Confederate Ignorance in Greene County

It's pretty clear the Greene County Commissioners who think flying a Confederate flag is historically vital have zero knowledge of the history of their own county and of East Tennessee.

Since History proves these officials utterly wrong - then what is the real reason behind their desire to fly a flag of the county's enemies?


  1. Anonymous5:55 PM

    This legislation may have been introduced by the Commission but I am not going out on a limb in saying this was NOT written by anyone on the commission. I bet it was copied from an email sent from one of those groups inspiring the Charleston shooter or some other on the Southern Poverty Law Center watch list. The grammar is too high a level for it to have come from anyone on that commission.

  2. Anonymous5:44 PM

    IMHO, this is another elected official looking for their 15 minutes of fame (and potential GoFundMe campaign). Similar to the resolution recently introduced in Blount County (God, please spare us from your gay-marriage-inspired Armageddon), it's just another lame attempt to take the same outrage machine ride that made Kim Davis a household name (and possibly a lot of $$$). These trolls are best ignored, not fed.

  3. i have to disagree that one should ignore this elected official's actions - the community was best served by those who stood against his idiocy whatever his motivation for the resolution might have been. Better to shut him down hard and publicly too.