Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tennessee: Home of Lowest Wages

Sure seems debate about whether or not to increase the bottomed-out minimum wage takes place in a wacky fantasy world from a kooky Depression-era musical.

Tennessee now ranks in first place for the number of folks who earn the lowest wage possible - and some say raising that wage will bring on an Apocalypse. Truth is, more adults are on of this poverty train than teens, the wage buys less and less every day, and the state's economy won't grow because these workers have tiny buying power.

The fantasy makers won't tell you that historically, increases in the minimum wage grow an economy, rather than kill it. The denial song and dance routine we are given simply achieves one goal - workers are kept in poverty, income gaps grow, and economic growth only takes place at the very top.

Worried it might raise prices? Duh - have you bought anything in the last few months or years? Costs are always rising but wages are not. That's a doomed economy.


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    You got that right! When I moved here in 2004 I was disgusted by the low wages. I was offered salaries of less than what I was making in 1984. By the time tax, and health insc. was deducted I would only have enough left over to pay for child care and put gas in the car to go to work. No food money, or rent money, or electricity money, NOTHING would have been left over!

  2. Our state may be the lowest wage however we also have the lowest unemployment rate.. you do the math as there is a reason for the low wages. I think I would rather have a job that provides some money than no job with no money.

  3. Wrong Zoey. Your math is way, way off, since it is merely your own fantasy. Try educating yourself - TN ranks 33rd as of March 2014 and that's the best we have ranked in almost a decade. Here is truth -