Wednesday, April 03, 2013

N.C. Lawmakers Seek To Establish State Religion

The good thing is that a horrible plan by a state legislature is not from Tennessee. It's from North Carolina - a new bill seeks to establish a single religion statewide.

"The proposed law, introduced earlier this week, states that the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment—which prohibits Congress from passing laws respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise of religion in America—simply does not apply to the states. The bill goes on to proclaim the sovereignty of the states in this matter while proclaiming that each state is free to make its own laws respecting an establishment of an official religion and that such an establishment cannot be blocked by either Congress or the judiciary.

"Joining in the fun, as a co-sponsor of the bill allowing North Carolina to establish an official state religion, is one of the most powerful members of the North Carolina General Assembly, GOP Majority Leader Edgar Starnes. Apparently, expecting a leader in so important a role to show some fealty to the law and the legal underpinnings of the nation is asking a bit too much when compared to the opportunity provided that elected official to score a few political points."


  1. Morris Townson5:28 PM

    “The more man clings to religion, the more he believes. The more he believes, the less he knows. The less he knows, the more stupid he is. The more stupid, the easier he can be governed! The easier to govern, the better he may be exploited. The more exploited, the poorer he gets. The poorer he gets, the richer and mightier the domineering classes get, the more riches and power they amass, the heavier their yoke upon the neck of the people.”
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  2. Jesus called. He wants His religion back.

  3. The extreme conservatives are the first to complaine about the state of our nation and the first to waste the taxpayers' money debating stupid laws like this.

    So much for the "United" States of America, right?

    I'm truly suprised that Stacey Campfield didn't think of this first.