Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rep. Akin Said Out Loud What The GOP Really Thinks

The outcry from Republicans over the dangerously stupid comments of congressman Todd Akin is decidedly at odds with the very platforms of the GOP. One is left with the clear impression that the outcry is bogus, given the reality that Akin said out loud what the GOP really thinks about women, rape and abortion.

" ... the Republican Platform Committee again included in its platform draft support for a "human life amendment" to the Constitution, which would not make exceptions for victims of rape or incest or even provisions for the life of the mother.

"So while this position is being roundly decried for political reasons in the case of Akin, it is simultaneously being enshrined in the official Republican platform. It is evidence that the problem is not the policies but the political damage of discussing them in public."

Republican-led legislatures have very successfully been challenging a woman's right to choose, with vows to shut down Planned Parenthood (despite the many vital medical services they provide) and in Tennessee, a new law has nearly eliminated choice options in Knoxville, forcing one clinic to shut down.


  1. I am glad I no longer have a uterus. UGH.
    Soooo, sperm can cause allergic reactions in the body of women who were legitimately raped? Who decides?

  2. Fair-minded Americans understand that the abortion issue was resolved in 1973. Those who oppose the practice are free to choose to not have abortions.

    It's really that simple.

    In my opinion, since the GOP knows it can't win a presidential election based soley on fiscal issues, they continue to elevate social issues to the forefront of their agenda.

    Unfortunately, there are many voters on the "far right" who understand things like abortion and marriage equality more than economic matters.

    Perhaps if preachers discussed economics on Sunday mornings these voters would be better informed.