Thursday, April 26, 2012

Governor Haslam OKs Dress Code for Pants In Schools Which Already Have Dress Codes For Pants

Our state will now police your pants - and pretty much all clothes worn by students in Tennessee thanks to a new law our governor has signed.

See, even though every school in the state has dress code policies, now the state is ordering them to have - you guessed it - dress code policies.

Our ever-watchful state officials this year have decided junk science must be allowed in schools and that hand-holding leads to making babies, not to mention that boys and girls making eye contact might need to be banned as well.


  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Yes, it's true that schools have dress codes. It's also true that they have no teeth. This bill was written by Senator Ophelia Ford (D-Memphis) in an effort to help teachers with classroom management. Any help teachers get is appreciated.

  2. and also by Memphian Joe Townes - as to any "teeth" or lack of, thats up to the schools - or was anyway. now the state has taken control.

  3. nimmerneen8:50 PM

    I wish it were possible for a law to be passed to force adults to wear either belts or suspenders. I am tired of seeing their underwear or there exposed butts when they walk down the aisle in the grocery store or wherever they are in public.

  4. there already are laws on the books if someone is exposing themselves - drafting new laws making the state responsible for how folks dress is just the kind of thing we DO NOT need. but given the way folks whine about government and the way the current legislators view citizens, such laws are probably inevitable - which does not mean such laws are good - have you ever thought maybe that if you feel offended you could just tell the person (politely)? maybe you under-estimate you abilitiy to persuade.

  5. Unfortunately, we can't legislate good taste.