Monday, October 17, 2011

Frightmare Manor 2011 Now Open!

Ah, Halloween.

".... you don't know much, do you ... on this night, the barriers would be down, you see, between the real and the unreal, and the dead might be looking in..."

Chilly nights, shadowy forms shambling through the darkness, screams echoing across the rolling hills of East Tennessee - and the return of Frightmare Manor in Talbott, right on the border of Jefferson City and Morristown.

I worked there last year and had a real blast scaring folks silly, and owner Chris Wooden has gathered another horde of horrible things to scare you silly for 2011. Student night is this week, Oct. 20th, and with a student I.D. you can get a $2 discount off admission. Also on Oct. 30th at 2 pm it's Kid's Day - and it's free, people. And kids can meet some of the cast members too.

The Screampark (I love that!) is open Oct. 20th from 7 til 10 pm, Oct 21 and 22 from 7 til 1 am, Oct. 27 from 7 til 10, Oct 28 and 29 from 7 til 1 am, Oct 30 and 31 from 7 til midnight, and Nov 4 and 5 from 7 til midnight.

Order tickets online and you can save on admission too.

Here's a trailer for this year's amazing 4 Attraction Screampark:

In coming days, I'll share more behind-the-scenes info with you from Chris and his Frightmare Fiends. UPDATE: Click here for the interview and more secrets of Frightmare!

Ah, Halloween.

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