Thursday, September 08, 2011

Romney: Mark My Words, But Don't Quote Me On What I Said

GOP hopeful Mitt Romney keeps getting into trouble because of one thing - he's using words.

Words, which are made into sentences, which then defy sense. Writers at Reason Magazine captured some of Romney's problem comparing his "policy statements" and what he said at last night's GOP "debate".

A policy plan which -- "
Mitt Romney’s campaign released in Nevada earlier this week, works hard not to oversell its own virtues. It criticizes the Obama administration for making post-stimulus jobs and growth predictions that couldn’t possibly be kept.

Romney’s plan, on the other hand, declares early on its intention not to make the same mistake. On page 33, the plan cautions that it “does not promise the immediate creation of some imaginary number of jobs, because government cannot create jobs—at least not productive ones that contribute to our long-term prosperity.” How humble.

At last night’s GOP debate in the Reagan library, however, Romney was considerably more willing to make predictions: “The plan I put forward just two days ago in Nevada,” he said, “will grow our economy at 4 percent per year for four years and add—add—11.5 million jobs.” So government can't create jobs, but Romney's policy plan can?

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  1. OXYMORON6:47 PM

    I realize the average person is so anxious and overworked that there is little time left for analysis of Republican Jobs Policy but I one thinks about the last 20 years or so, most "Jobs Bills" were just gift wrapping for large tax cuts for the investor class.
    Eight years of economic policy under Dubya is all the empirical evidence one needs that tax cuts do not create jobs or increase benefits in existing jobs.