Monday, August 08, 2011

The Danger of Cloning Pets

The economy is so bad that Cat cloning is going out of business. Well duh, as the planet has no need for more cats - and hey, I like cats. I've owned many. But a cat was never meant to be a mourner at your funeral (unless, maybe you willed the cat your bajillon dollar fortune, and boy will your relatives just loooove that.)

"After studying this market for more than a decade -- and offering both cat and dog cloning services -- we now believe the market is actually extremely small," he wrote on BioArts' now-defunct website.
And while many of its dog clones turned out normal, researchers could not explain why some were plagued by physical defects."
Let's face it - cloning science, whether for Kitty-cats or dogs or people - is merely a disaster in waiting. Does no one read any science fiction? Clones are just visual copies -- unless you implant them with memories of the one cloned ... and that's where all the stories turn bad.

NOTE: I knew a fellow once who had a bat he kept as a pet, and when the bat Crossed Over to the Other Side, he had is stuffed, wings akimbo, and hung it from the mirror of his car, often tapping it with a finger, waggling his eyebrows at his passengers, and most seductively wagging at any woman (save for a cousin or such) as if to indicate his Inevitable Ascendance to Alpha Male (akin to “I'm gonna be manager of that Tire Store one day!”)

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