Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Best Thing About Twitter

I have no idea what the best thing about Twitter is, so you will have to tell me as I nervously,. and novicely, dive into the Twitterverse. Or you can follow my folly via Twitter by adding me to your Twitterisms (Twitterifications? Just don't say "Oh, how 'tweet.") - Cup Of Joe Powell.

Do you use Twitter?

Do you hate Twitter?

Does Twitter use you?


  1. Actually, I love Twitter. It's gotten me three paying gigs so I dig it.

    How are you, Cuppa?

  2. i am fine dear Newcoma!! and now you have to tell me how to make cash-ola using Twitter!! and I love the Out Of The Blue newsletter too!

    hope you is as fine as frog hair 'Coma :)