Monday, June 06, 2011

Get Tenessee Political News via Out of The Blue

I've been looking for a good opportunity to feature the daily newsletter from editor Trace Sharp (aka Newscoma), Out of The Blue, which started a few weeks back and today's edition is a prime example of why you should sign up to receive this must-read. Out of the Blue is the brainchild of Mike McWherter and you can sign up for their Daily Buzz and get a wide range of political news and views right here.

Selections from today:

  • A letter to the editor in the Tennessean asks state government "what is next for us little people." LINK
  • The caps on the Hope Scholarship will come with a price for some students. Jennifer Brooks writes: "The move will offset the cost of the new summer scholarships, but it's bad news for any juniors who double-majored or switched their majors and suddenly find that the rules have changed on them without warning." LINK
  • Tennessee is ranked 49th in female political participation. LINK
  • Andy Sherr has a list of budget cuts that will go into effect next month. "There will be fewer people protecting Tennessee's groundwater, patrolling its roads or taking care of its most vulnerable people in the budget year that starts July 1." LINK

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