Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Note On Blogging This Week

It has been difficult for me to post something since I last did one on Tuesday - that was/is such an ugly, brutal reality emerging as a commonplace reality across the South ... what can one say after such a grim and despondent tone which occurs when the bottom has been struck so completely?

I also left it at the top of my page as it seems to demand our attention - but it isn't a news story which has received much play in the state's media. Perhaps everyone else is mute as I am just because, really, what can you say about such a dire aspect of life in America in the 21st century?

Consider this post, then, as a sort of buffer, for readers and for myself. I'd like to think the TBI's report is being closely examined by state and local officials, that they are talking about how to approach this problem and cut it out of our society. I'd like to think such conversations are taking place. The lives of so many depend on those conversations and decisions to be made.

Also, I have numerous projects in the non-digital world right now up and running, which I want to write about some too, projects which I hope can counter the bad with some good. Time will tell.

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