Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Begin To Make A Giant Peach (And A Giant Octopus)

Good morning, afternoon or evening.

I have been somewhat busy the last few days and weeks working in the actual world rather than here in the virtual one.

Summer always brings many new jobs my way -- For instance ..

Starting Monday, I'll be teaching a week of acting classes for kids at Walter's State Community College and also this week I start rehearsals directing a children's production of "James and the Giant Peach", based on Roald Dahl's book, for the local community arts organization, Rose Center, here in Morristown. I love working for them, and I will also be teaching acting classes as part of their summer arts camp as well. You can learn more about Rose Center here at their website. (And their building is a beautiful place and the scene of literally hundreds of cultural events every year)

The show will be performed July 31, Aug 1 and Aug 2 and I am really looking forward again to working on this Summer Players program and I'll post some pics next week of the cast and give some updates about future rehearsals as some very talented young performers and I work to create not only a Giant Peach, but a Giant Flying Peach, which will endure such hardships as attacks by sharks and an appropriately Giant Octopus as well.

The show marks my very first opportunity to create a Giant Octopus and a Giant Peach for a theatrical performance, and I'm rather excited to get such a chance.

NOTE: Both the peach and octopus images shown are not images of the ones I am actually making because, duh!! They have not been made yet and are meant only to stoke your imagination and provide me with reasons to write about both peaches and octopi of the Giant variety. Thank you.

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