Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Metro Pulse Says I'm Worth Reading - And They're Right

Chalk up another instance of media attention for this blog -- this time from the latest issue of Metro Pulse.

My humble - cough, cough - efforts here have been cited by the newspaper as local political blog of note. I've been fortunate to have several news media sites in Tennessee and beyond pay attention to this blog, to be supportive and encouraging, and most importantly, to share my work with their audiences.

I thank Coury Turczyn and the MP staff for their interest. You can read their article online here, as I respond to some questions they asked. The article says:

A new blog’s life expectancy is sadly short; it begins with earnest intentions to strike a bold path of self-expression, and usually ends with a death knell of ennui. They die by the thousands each week. But even in this age of tweets, there are old-fashioned blogs worth seeking out—especially local ones."

Old-fashioned, eh? Well, yes, I suppose five years in Internet time is probably 100 years. So be it. Like I said in my answers to the MP's questions, I'm still here and I try to make this blog better every day.

They likewise note several other "blogs worth bookmarking" here, and it includes a few I had not heard about but will now begin to read.


  1. Excellent. So great to hear The Cup is getting the props it deserves. Thumbs up, sir, and keep 'em coming!!!

  2. Thanks Matt. (and readers here should be sure and read your blog too!!)