Monday, August 30, 2010

BP Wants You To Forget About Their Disasters

BP wants you to sleep and forget all their disasters.

BP wants you to forget about their plans to finish capping off the massive oil leak in the Gulf.

BP wants to hurl a few engineers into the BlameThrower Machine.

BP does not want to answer questions.

BP did not even tell anyone this Spring about a gas leak at a plant in Texas which lasted for 40 days until after it was over.

Rather than taking the costly step of shutting down the refinery to make repairs, the engineers at the plant diverted gases to a smokestack and tried to burn them off, but hundreds of thousands of pounds still escaped into the air, according to state environmental officials.

Neither the state nor the oil company informed neighbors or local officials about the pollutants until two weeks after the release ended, and angry residents of Texas City have signed up in droves to join a $10 billion class-action lawsuit against BP. The state attorney general, Greg Abbott, has also sued the company, seeking fines of about $600,000."

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  1. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Yep at fines of $3,000 per barrel of oil that they scoop up out of the Gulf just how many barrels do you think BP will REALLY find?

    Dad flew DC3s to spray the Corexit in the Gulf. He said it dropped the oil straight to the bottom as soon as it hit the oil.