Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Congress Unanimous: Miles Davis Was Cool

Congress continues to strangle any meaningful health care reform package (and a potential funding loss for the U.S. military just in time for Christmas!!). There have been elements to the reform proposals I have not agreed with, but to do nothing, to scrap all plans for reform is a nasty rebuke to the average person and a big hug and sloppy wet kiss for insurance lobbyists and drug companies. "We love ya! Can I get me a campaign contribution honey???"

The majority of any debate on reform ideas was shot in the starting gate, thanks to the leadership of the Republican party (i.e. Rush Limbaugh) whose stated goal was to insure that all their efforts were aimed at one target: seeing the Obama administration fail, no matter the cost to the nation.

No lie has been left behind by the Republicans as they attempt to distort and destroy any proposal from the White House or from Democrats in Congress. It is a fact though, that much has been changed over the last 11 months since the oath of office was taken by President Obama.

Sadly, many in Congress are slaves to their own political party, and rather than act in the best interest of those who elect them they instead play a ill-conceived game of knocking down any effort to reform or improve policies if a Republican did not introduce the legislative orders. The Knoxville Sentinel reports that East Tennessee's representatives made sure to include millions in funding dollars in a massive spending bill which they then voted against. (Except our congressman here in the 1st District, Phil Roe, who sought no federal dollars for Tennessee and voted against funding anything. Not sure what the heck Dr. Roe/No is even doing in D.C.)

And yet ... in the middle of this mess, 409 members of Congress were all in agreement on one thing this week -- that the Miles Davis jazz album Kind of Blue was great, legendary, world-changing and full of coolness. And even though Miles' response to Congress might be the tune So What from that album, at least Congress has found one thing in America they agree on.


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Congress only wishes it could be as cool as Miles. Even long dead, he elicits more respect than any living politician. Just think where this country would be if it was run by a grumpy, junkie Negro genius.