Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Dick Armey Model - Corruption for Cash

Former congressional leaders who turn into lobbyists and organizers for "grassroots" organizations usually become lackluster seekers for untold riches and to hell with the policies being debated.

The model for this tacky and dubious enterprise is former House Leader Dick Armey of Texas and the Dallas News published just how much he earned while pretending to take stands on opposing issues for two groups at the same time -- until his actions were exposed in August.

Quitting DLA Piper in August caused him to give up his salary of $750,000 a year, which he earned on top of the $550,000 he was paid by FreedomWorks in 2008.

"I hated to walk away from that kind of money," said Armey, who now lives in Bartonville, near Flower Mound. "How many times in your life, or anybody's life, do they have an opportunity to earn that kind of money when they are 69 years old?"

But even fellow lobbyists say Armey's "curious model" was bound to cause problems for FreedomWorks and DLA Piper."

By no means is Armey the only former elected official who traffics in pushing policies for cold hard cash. Members of both parties follow this path and it's just one of many reasons why voters have such dim view of the way government has been working.

Currently, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman has hitched her wagon to the Celebrity Tea Party crowd, ignoring consequences in favor of a few moments of fame and hopes for future earnings.

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