Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Turn At Sickness, No Options Available

It was inevitable, I suppose, given the time of year and the large number of un-well folks I have been around lately that I would contract my own version of a cold or flu or something. Seems like everyone has been exposed to colds and wheezing and breathing woes.

Great - I've got no time to be wasting on being sick.

Likewise, I will not be wasting time or money on visiting a doctor since I do not have health insurance, it costs far too much. And since I already have some sniffles and coughs, all I might be told is to do what I already know to do - drink fluids, rest, wash hands and face often, maybe take some vitamins and wait for 5 to 7 days to feel better. Should I become really, really sick -- I still lack the insurance most doctors would require to see me. Unless maybe I attend a RAM event, which is still the best treatment I know for those who need medical attention: it is free.

I was also reading some today from R. Neal at KnoxViews about the multitude of conditions which insurance providers regard as "pre-existing conditions" which would prevent health care coverage: things like being a victim of domestic violence, having a toe fungus, or pretty much any minor or major medical problems. The list is mind-boggling. Makes me think either a lot of folks are forced to lie to get coverage, or more likely, get an illness and find their insurance abandons them completely.

More than once in recent months, I have been to a few Knoxville area hospitals, amazed at the marble floors, the espresso stands, the vaulted ceilings, the pianist playing a grand piano in some semi-waiting area, the endless hallways and endless referrals and delays in getting an appointment, the voluminous paperwork needed to receive treatment, and on and on it goes.

At this point, it seems reforming health care and health insurance into an affordable system is about as likely to occur as a cure for the common cold. There is very little reason to reform anything on the provider end - it's a way to make billions and billions of dollars and no matter what happens, people will always need medical care. They can only lose and they know it, so the endless howls of fear and anger clog the halls of political change will insure nothing changes for them.


  1. I understand completely. It's so frustrating. I'm on week three of being sick. It gets better and then I have a relapse of some kind or another.

    Just wanted you to know I'm in it with you.

  2. I hope you both get well soon. Lots of fluids, lots of fluids, lots of fluids!!!
    My nephew just went through this and though he has "insurance" it was no good. He had to go to 3 different places to finally be seen and then pay out of pocket. He has pre existing condition, asthma. Even though he had not had an asthma attack in 12 before now. It doesn't seem to matter that it was brought on by the flu and bronchitis. They will find a way to not pay. Typical.