Thursday, June 25, 2009

Greeneville Neighborhood Battles KKK

Residents in Greeneville's Meadowlark subdivision are forming their own association to protect themselves and to decide how best to oppose the recent presence of white supremacists. Residents found a few dozen racist fliers on their lawns earlier this month, fliers which gave a Kingsport post office box as their headquarters.

However, Greeneville's Police Department says dumping hate mail onto the yards of residents is no crime:

The only actual crime that occurred in this situation would be possibly littering,“ Greeneville Capt. Terry Webb said.

Webb says investigators alerted the Federal Bureau of Investigation due to the nature of the flyers, but says it would be difficult to prosecute the KKK since its members were practicing free speech.

“People might not agree with what they’re saying, but there was no threats of violence or anything along that line,“ Webb said.

However, for people like Edward Reed who received one of the flyers, that is a hard sell.

“It’s a crime to me,“ Reed said. “That’s like they don’t want me living the way I see I’m supposed to be living.“

More on this story from WJHL-TV and The Greeneville Sun.

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