Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dropping Pencils Brings School Suspension

Some students at Indian Trail Middle School in Johnson City took part in a "prank" by agreeing to dropping their pencils onto the floor at a specific time. The students were then subject to a mass In School Suspension. No parents were notified by the suspension, according to one parent.

School officials deemed this horrific pencil drop act as a coordinated assault on education, saying it violated the school's top policy to maintain order, none shall - "interrupt the educational process". Students involved all had their cell phones confiscated so officials could examine each one to see if text messages were sent to students so they could all enact their nefarious deed to drop pencils at one specific time.

Fortunately, no criminal charges were filed against these students, however one parent says her child was told by a school police officer that: "they could be charged with disorderly conduct." Perhaps that is because the students all laughed out loud when the pencils fell to the ground.

Synchronized pencil dropping must be the first step to starting a meth lab in the school bathroom and that of course is just another short step to becoming heroin dealers.

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