Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bob Dylan Springs Eternal

It's such a fine Spring day here in East Tennessee. I'm a sure-fire lover of this season and today also brought about a renewal of an longtime friendship.

Thanks to a mention from the fine folks at KnoxBlab about a new Bob Dylan album on the way out, I realized I had not spent time listening to his last studio release, "Modern Times", even though it has become one of his best-selling releases. So as I was working and writing today, I let it whirl in the background.

His work has been a constant companion for me - I like his music very much, and yes that means his voice sounds just fine to me, your loss if you dislike it. As I was growing up (and I apparently seem to continue shuffling along the trail here too, aging jes' fine thankyouverymuch) and thru to this day itself, he's just always been here. He's created as astonishing a body of music as any American musician ever has. And he's stayed at it, working and noodling away at words and music as fame and awards rise and fall around him, just working at making music and touring and touring, season after season.

I decided for a post today that I'd just share a song from Modern Times which makes me smile for Spring and for old man Dylan and for myself too. I hope you take some time to enjoy this day however you will, and maybe this song will accompany our Spring.

Bob Dylan - Beyond The Horizon

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  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Great post, Joe, and quite and enjoyable song. It's quite nice for dancing around the library w/one's partner, if you go for that sort of silliness. ;)