Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Power of Clothes

I think I have missed the mighty digital opportunity offered by the internets and the blogs -- Fashion is what should be writing about, Fashion trumps all.

I keep forgetting to learn the Power of Clothes, and I'm sure I pay that price often. But this post is not about me - it's about Us.

Take the case of the FLDS group, the religious group which made the news when law enforcement in Texas raided their compound and took custody of hundreds of kids after allegations of child endangerment and child marriages were received. A media maelstrom followed, then a judge ordered the whole deal was botched from the get-go and now the group has become a Web Sensation for Fashion

The FLDS has launched an online store where members of the general public can purchase the dresses, long underwear, and other ranch-wear "as seen on TV."

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the Web site, was initially created to give Texas authorities a place to purchase the clothing, so children in state custody could maintain their traditional clothing.

The children have been reunited with their families, but the Web site now serves another purpose. The FLDS hopes to raise money through sale of the clothing to help support families from the Yearning For Zion ranch who now live in rental homes in cities like San Antonio and Austin. Some families have returned to the ranch, but many have not.

The Web site said the clothes are made to meet the "FLDS standards for modesty and neatness." And all of the clothes are hand-made "with joy and care" by the FLDS women."

Whatever the status of the group and their criminal woes, I am left simply pondering if indeed Fashion is sooooo important that God's attention is on clothes. Many in the world must deeply, truly hold to the idea. The wrong clothes (and/or facial hair) can bring death and damnation (according to some.) Salvation has a dress code. Who knew?

Fashion is the new Fashion in Politics too - at least it is in Sweden.

There (and boy howdy does this story smack of some weird viral advertising) a 17-year-old Swedish girl, Isabella Lowengrip, runs the and I mean THE most popular blog in that country, Blondinbella -- which apparently began as a political web site to promote the values of and recruit members to a political party in that country.

Instead, the blog is chiefly the Fashion Voice for millions. She posts about shopping and clothes and fashion trends (and earns a hefty income from advertisers).

She does have 200,000 readers a week, apparently - and that’s the same as some newspaper sites, which must terrify the newspapers. Regardless, the blog does appear to be one of the most popular in Sweden. According to Löwengrip herself, that’s because she “cares about her readers and doesn’t scare them away with a site that looks like a homepage from the 1990s”, and because she’s open and shares stories and photos from her life - unlike Swedish politicians.

Get your Swedish Fashion Fix here at Blondinbella. (WARNING: um, it's all Swedish to me).

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  1. Retail leakage sounds a bit messy and embarrassing.
    I'm with you on not understanding the connection between fashion and faith.