Wednesday, September 03, 2008

US Media FAIL says Brit Media

I only know of a couple of British bloggers, and one of them is the Vol Abroad, so I'd have to defer to her on the state of British bloggers. And British media vs. US media.

Meanwhile, England's Guardian newspaper says the best thing about American bloggers is they resemble Brit media in general.

The comments arrive in a column that's just jam-packed with derisive nuggets, like the 'unreported joke to vile to reprint' which John McCain made about Chelsea Clinton, and the writer of the Guardian story, Ed Pilkington, scores the bulls eye for nailing multiple insults in a few short, sharp sentences:

The puzzle is explained partly by the US press, which barely reported the story. The Washington Post broke it in June 1998 but declined to relate the joke on the grounds it was "too vile to repeat". Such coyness has long been ingrained in the US media, which has an annoying tendency to regard its readers as wayward children in need of moral protection. That's one important reason, incidentally, that blogs are doing so well in the US - they have no such scruples and behave in ways more akin to the British than the mainstream American media."

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